Here’s another review of EA’s Create A Pet demo.

Create A Pet Demo Review By PinguinTechSince September 22 you can get a first impression of The Sims 3 Beestenbende (release date: 20 October) for PC and Mac to Create a Pet demo for free download through the official website: Create a Pet demo .
As the name suggests this demo can already create all the possibilities of a pet or pets to create and explore. There are three available species: dogs, cats and horses. There are already more than 100 cats, dog and horse races are present in the game, but you can also choose to own the pet of your dreams to create. Do you want bright yellow cat or horse, a zebra? Nothing is too crazy with the Create a Pet demo.
After you finish creating your favorite animal you can store and share on the exchange so you can play with them later in The Sims 3 Beestenbende.


Source: Sims Network