Well, you can officially say I am happy now 😀  Took a few hours but finally got the ropes of how to work the Create-A-Pet tool that was released earlier today.  Well, on the equines, that is.  Haven’t played around with cats or dogs.  Got two more mules to make, then onto…well, I suppose random mules and maybe my mom’s old appaloosa horse.

Anyways, here’s my mule – Luke Duke, named after one of the Duke boys from the tv show The Dukes of Hazzard.  I uploaded a number of screens to flickr, and he’s up on the official Sims 3 Exchange.  Please leave a comment/rating 😀 m

Thank you Sims Team for allowing me (well, us) the ability to create Mules 😀

Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5 Screenshot-6 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16