ABC Technology caught up with Sims 3 Pets Assistant Producer Graham Nordone on the console and PC version of The Sims 3 Pets.  Sample below:

What other capabilities are unique to the 3DS version?

One of my favourite things is being able to play as a pet. That’s only available in the 3DS version. For the other versions, you need another Sim in your household. So on the 3DS you can just be this stray wandering around town and experiencing life in that way. It definitely gives you a different perspective on things and it changes the gameplay quite a bit. We also take advantage of the Street Pass technology, so if your friends are playing the game nearby, you’ll see their pets populating your neighbourhood. They’ll come into your game and will be available to use.

What other differences are there between the platforms?

With Xbox we are using the Kinect’s voice activation technology . We thought having everyone going around and talking to their animals was a really-natural extension of the gameplay. Of course you are still using the controller to get around town and stuff, but you can command your animals to do certain things.

There are other specific features on consoles as well. For example, the pets can have jobs. Maybe you’ll have a dog that is a police dog and it actually goes to the police station and helps catch criminals. The PC version doesn’t have this.

Also, on the console version, you can morph your Sim into a cat or dog and back again. There is something kind of fun about morphing cats and dogs into humans and then getting married. There’s some kind of crazy stuff in there.

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