So yesterday, SimGuru Ryan was answering some questions about Pets on Twitter. Here’s a few tweets that caught out eye.

Two new artist confirmed!!!

Remember when the Console versions of TS3 came out, it had a remix of the Sims 3 theme by Junkie XL that was also used in Late Night. This will happen again.

It will be hilarious if a horse has a wish to kick a Sim.

FINALLY!!! We will be able to find out the name of that song and the artist that sings it. So awesome!!!

So birds, reptiles and other small critters will automatically appear in the other worlds/towns without spawners. Cool!

So ONLY Cats, Dogs and Horses that are Adults can learn skills… This doesn’t bother me, but I know some other Simmers won’t like this.

At least we still get the ice Cream truck with Freezer Bunny Ice Cream!