Man, still a bit ticked over the fact that I missed my chance to try out The Sims Social.  It was open for most of yesterday, but was then locked down again back to beta testers without an explanation of what happened.  Over at the Playfish forums, the following message was left regarding the current status of the game by Britgirls, Community Manager of The Sims Social:

As you are aware, The Sims Social is currently in Beta. To ensure that The Sims Social is the best game to land on Facebook, we’re asking players from selected locations across the globe to play so we can test.

We understand that many of you are excited to play The Sims Social in Beta. Please bear with us while we ensure you have the best playing experience. We’ll make sure you are kept updated along the way.

Thanks again for your patience, we are so grateful for your support and loyalty.

I hope it’ll be restored soon, no idea on how long this round of testing will take place.  It was led on to believe that it was only opened to fans in the UK, but word is that various people from the US, Thailand and other areas are still able to access the game.