Is the Sims Social anti-social? Gamasutra thinks it is. They compare it to rival Zynga and their games. Not a lot of love for Sims Social from Gamasutra. Can you feel, the love tonight? Nope! It’s ice cold, like a Starbucks Frappuccino.

The Sims Social, Anti-Social?

EA’s The Sims Social on Facebook seems to have taken a surprising number of design lessons from Zynga, the mother of negative stigma on Facebook. To some extent it’s all best practices as established by the market leader: Zynga’s shown that having rewards springing out of every action, scattering everywhere to be clicked — an alluring “pop” that draws players’ attention even in spite of themselves — is strangely compelling, and Sims Social uses this tactic.
So is the “energy” principle, used to limit the amount of actions a player can accomplish in one play session. It seems the thinking is that a user frustrated by the need to manage time and resources in order to keep having fun would be more willing to impose on friends with irritant notifications, or to buy points, to alleviate the frustration.
But unfortunately, The Sims Social takes the absolute worst trait of Zynga’s established games and emulates it — even though it’s not obvious that it needs to.


Source: Infinite Sims