According to Lenta.RU, The Sims Social has on average, ten million users per month. And by “active users per month,” a Facebook application/game, includes everyone who played/used it at least once in that month.

The Sims Social - 10 Million Users Strong?The project is a joint development of EA, which owns the rights to the Sims, and the London branch of the studio Playfish. Working on the game began in October last year. The beta version of the Sims Social been open to Facebook users on August 9. In the first week after the number of active users exceeded 4.8 million game man.

Sims Social been shown at the exhibition Gamescom, held in Cologne from 17 to 21 August. The exhibition project was awarded Gamescom Awards 2011 “Best browser game.”


Source: The Sims Russia Facebook