About a year or so later after the release of Barnacle Bay, The Sims Store Team will release it’s second store World in just a few days. The Polish Sims 3 Facebook Page has created an event page for Hidden Springs. There’s a description of the new world also includes the price. Are you ready for it? Hidden Springs will cost 2,500 SimPoints. That’s more SP than Barnacle Bay cost when it was first released and more than it currently cost.

For players waiting for a new world where the discoveries are new places, new faces, and the secret of eternal youth.

Celebrities and rich people are rushing to Magic sources, seeking rest and escape from everyday life. Many of them can not resist gossip about the miraculous healing powers, hidden in forests and springs. Some residents living in the forest are very mysterious and seem to be zielonkawi. Is it entangled in magic?

Being in the Magic Sources, you can visit the beautiful lake, relax in the luxurious spa, skiing, hide in the woods, and even discover the ancient secrets of the Museum of Witchcraft and Unexplained things. Are sure to find something for themselves.

Available only in The Sims Store: http://pl.store.thesims3.com/
Price: 2.500 SimPoints

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