SimWay has put together a big preview of Pets. Curious about Appaloosa Plains? New CAS stuff or CAP? New objects and misc? Wanna see some new pics? If yes, SimWay has you covered. Check out the awesomeness below!

SimWay and Their Preview of Pets

Also this year we were allowed to travel to Cologne, and look at the gamescom. This year we have an opportunity Expansion Pack The Sims 3 had to be considered accurate simply beastly. In addition to many great impressions and friendships we have a lot of new information in his luggage. A very special thanks goes to Electronic Arts Germany, Torsten Haase, Dirk and Marc Gorrol Meidel, which allows us to have these beautiful days!



New Town | CAS | CAP | Objects | Misc


New Town | CAS | CAP | Objects | Misc

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