SimView and A Map of Hidden Springs


SimView has put together a very cool and informative map of Hidden Springs. Check it out!SimView and A Map of Hidden Springs

Thanks to yannickvanloon for the heads up.


  1. Judhudson:

    @Damien – sadly, I don’t happen to have Hidden Springs – and refuse to get it unless they release it in stores like Barnacle Bay


    We’ll I don’t plan on getting it, unless they lower the price. Its a bit pricy for me still, even on sale.

  2. A mate of mine was stupid enough to buy it (clearly more money than sense). My advice? Don’t bother.

    If you have any EPs installed, you will be unsurprised to learn HS makes no use of them. There’s a disco of sorts in the town “centre” except EA didn’t bother changing the speaker settings, so you get classical music blaring out instead of something more suitable, and all the hangouts are literally houses that have been rezoned as Hangouts. Great for your homeless sim looking to squat somewhere! Yes, all of this can be changed in Edit Town, but really, when you’re coughing up £18 for this, you shouldn’t have to.

    You have the new rabbitholes that do look nice. Unfortunately the new spa has some rather superfluous swimming pools outside that sims immediately ignore (because the lot isn’t zoned as such) and there is a lot of space that seeming goes to waste because the population is so small (around 50 sims).

    There’s also a lot of low-detail trees around, especially near the edges of the playable part of the map that shouldn’t be there (I get the feeling the playable part of the neighbourhood was meant to be much smaller initially). Add to this, the camera getting stuck now and again, and it’s an exercise in frustration.

    This is clearly a rush-job. Had EA spent another couple of months or so on it instead of looking for that cash-grab, and included elements from the EPs that the neighbourhood was clearly designed around, then it might have been worth the asking price. As it stands, my mate has taken to being drunk as an excuse for blowing so much money on what is, a really poor offering.

    Don’t ask me what I thought of the Fountain of Youth – it kept throwing up error messages once it stopped vanishing on me.

  3. ShortyBoo:

    I couldn’t find a working download link.

    you have to log in on their site to download it. click the pic to go to the page. Best thing to do is to log in to their site via facebook connect at the top of that page. after, you’ll be able to click the download button on that page. 🙂

  4. Forget it. I’m not registering on a site just for that. I just wanted to look at it real quick. I doubt I’d even keep it. And I’m not on Facebook and never will be.

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