SimTimes and Their Super Preview of Pets


Split into four sections (the preview, pics, producer Q&A and pet info), SimTimes has an awesome preview of Pets.

The Preview

The new Create a beast mode is very extensive. In addition to cats and dogs time we can also create horses. There already are several breeds of each animal available. But these are still not all! Overall, give it the final game over 100 different breeds of dogs, even in two different sizes. In addition, you can obviously change a lot of the animals. In addition to hair length, color and pattern, can also be the eyes, nose, face, body, and more adapted to their own ideas. For example, the neck length of the horses.

The Pics


Q and A

Can we enter the new neighborhood of other NBs, as described in Sims 2?

No it will not be possible. Appaloosa Plains is a separate / normal neighborhood.

Will there be animal competitions?

For the horses, there will be competitions in show jumping and racing.

Will there be weather?

No, there will be no weather.

When animals get their babies in a hospital or any one place?

Animals get their babies wherever residing at the given time. Is not a veterinary clinic.

Pet Life Span Info

short 2 days 7 days 4 days
Medium 4 days 14 days 8 days
Normal 7 days 25 days 14 days
Long 15 days 54 days 30 days
Epic 75 days 268 days 150 days



  1. Pets live for a long time! I get that one sim day equaling one year isn’t completely accurate but it’s fairly close. 48 days would be like 336 in dog years…

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