SimsExchange and The Pets Ice Cream Truck


SimExchange has uploaded two new pics of the new Ice Cream Truck that will appear in Pets. You scream, I scream, we all scream for Freezer Bunny Ice Cream! YAY!!!

SimsExchange and The Pets Ice Cream TruckSimsExchange and The Pets Ice Cream Truck


  1. anonymous:

    I hope this doesn’t end up like the Food Truck from LN. I want to be able to place it in any world.


    Those food trucks can be found here, and you won’t even have to download a mod to use them. Unfortunately they won’t actually move around, they will just stay in plus, but other than that, they’re better than nothing.

    Don’t forget to thank, Aynat134 and Simsample for them. And also they made the special apartment mailbox available, so now you can make your own apartments, without having to destroy an already existing apartment, and you can make them on lots smaller than 36 by 29, with no mod required for that either, thanks to them.

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