Our friends over at Sims Nieuws have put together an awesome review of Town Life Stuff! You should definitely check it out!

But before I’ll talk about the new objects and the new CAS items, I want to tell you about the new community lots. EA promised us new community lots which are so phenomenal that our mouths would pop open by amaze.

Sims Nieuws Reviews Town Life Stuff

Before you can send your Sims to these new lots you need to place them. I decided to put them in Sunset Valley, and so I removed the lots which had a replacement and that is when I stumbled upon the first problem. The ‘old’ grocery shop is only removable together with the theatre and the bookshop.

Sims Nieuws Reviews Town Life Stuff

You could put the Fresh and Frozen Express Grocer in your Sunset without removing the old one, then you’ll have two grocery shops. It will take a while before you’ve replaced all the lots, but by then the fun can finally begin.

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