In The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles there are plenty of new features. A really important new feature in the game is the fact that there are animals! Parrots and falcons. I don’t think you can really call them pets… They are some kind of accessory to the Sims. Aaron showed us how a pirate woman summoned a parrot and more or less ordered it to attack another Sim. It was quite funny, but also a bit sad for the other Sim! Now we can’t say anymore that no Sims were harmed during the demo! More interactions you can do with the parrots, and I assume this also goes for the falcons; A Sim can talk to the parrot, you can give the parrot a name, you can train the parrots, send them on missions and you can feed them. There probably are more interactions, but I didn’t see the screen properly.

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