SimPress – Short Q&A with Aaron Cohen on The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles


Practically it’s the same information we’re familiar with, but alias, a new interview is a new interview – via SimPress

4th Why did you decide to focus on the Pirates and nobles?
People love pirates! They have great costumes and fun to say “aaargh.” If they are pirates, we needed a group that will be their opponent – hence the nobility. The rich are gazing at each other snobs who really do not like pirates, and reciprocity.

5th What is the epic story of which we read in the press announcement?
Not wanting to reveal too much, I think I can put it that way. Pirates come to town soon after crashing their ship at sea. Probably someone intentionally failed to ensure their responsibilities by building a pirate ship, and then attacked them in the middle of the night. They appear in the realm of very unhappy. While the rich appear in the kingdom, to visit the king. They want him to negotiate the terms of trade expansion of the kingdom because more than anything love to make money.

When it seems that the whole drama is the history of the kingdom, a man from a group of rich and a woman from a group of pirates disappear. Have been kidnapped? They have an affair? They were murdered? Both groups blame each other about everything. Swords went into motion. And so begins our new story.

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