I do believe I missed this one, luckily I was emailed it…Check out thesimdeej’s review on The Sims Social for Facebook:

The Sims Social all in all is a good Sim Social experience for your real time friends in Facebook, that’s all it is. I wouldn’t call it the best Sims game. It’s more of a unique version of The Sims Online with a little twist with Mission type goals with the whole Social aspect. I like it to a degree for a Sims game, give it a go. My recommendations for this game is to try and dull the buying experience back, of course it is a Cash cow you can’t tell them to stop it, at least put the Cash into buying the Items not the experience. Also it needs a bit more oomph in its wow factor, and gives more to the player like more unique experiences and scales the Item requests back to make us enjoy it more and not make it into a chore.

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