Who let the dogs out? Don! Lo-thar-i-o! Nope, it was Platnium Simmers. They did it with their new preview of the Pets Expansion. Lots of good info here. Let’s check it out down below.

So we all know by now that Sims 3 pets has besides cats and dogs also has horses!! All 3 animals look amazing, so fluffy, realistic and very cute! In the regular game we had Create a Sim, in Sims 3 pets we got Create a Pet. In CAP you create adult and elder versions of the pets. I will talk more about kittens/puppies and foals later. The pets have different fur styles and you can edit every aspect of their body, face, tails and in the case of horses also their manes. We expected this from EA, because we had it in The Sims 2 and they delivered!
However this is not where the CAP fun ends
 There is a new layer system that allows you to create any animal that you can imagine! We saw a zebra and I can imagine you can make llamas, donkeys, tigers, cheetahs, tuxedo cats, wolves or foxes.