By now you’ve heard rumors and such about the EULA in Origin and the horrors that it allows. Well, GameSpot addresses these concerns and takes a closer look at the EULA. Is your privacy at risk? Does EA know what programs/games you have on your PC? I’m not going to comment on this, as I will keep my opinion to myself, be it good or bad. Read the article below to find out what GameSpot says about the Origin EULA.

Fears have also arisen that Origin serves as a clandestine new way for EA to violate users privacy. Posting to The Escapist’s message boards, forum user Dirty Hipsters called out Origin’s End User Licensing Agreement, claiming that not only does the verbiage allow EA to “monitor your PC and to make a profile of you,” but also detect “illegally downloaded material” and see what websites have been viewed. This information can also then be passed on to third parties, Dirty Hipsters said.

Consulting Origin’s EULA, the passage in question can be found in Sections 2 and 3, titled “Consent to Collection and Use of Data” and ” Application Communications and Conduct/Privacy Settings,” respectively. When EA refers to the “Application” in this context, EA notes that it is in reference to Origin and all related software, documentation, and updates.


Source: SimsVIP