New Sims 3 Store Premium Content!


Could this be a hint that a Seasons EP is just around the corner? Who cares! It’s awesome! Check out these new awesome wind chimes in the Sims 3 Store! Only 250 SimPoints!

New Sims 3 Store Premium Content!

Source: SimsVIP


  1. Additional gameplay as in new animations and sounds, I suppose. I asked for this more than once on facebook, I guess they finally done it…

  2. True it’s just I consider additional gameplay to be things our sims can interact with. Assuming the windchimes are small, only thing I can think of being additional gameplay is if they go up to them and make them move lol.

  3. They said in an interview or something else (I don’t remember where :s) that Seasons is not the EP after Pets. Or they lied… Hope they lied !!! ^^,

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