So two days ago the site Inside Social Games posted a preview of Sims Social. According to this Sims still use the bathroom, the sound effects are from The Sims 3, there’s an energy gauge and Sims can plant things. Check it and two new screen shots out below!

In the Sims Social, most of the gameplay common to all three core Sims games in the PC franchise can be found — such as clicking on toilets to prevent the Sim from wetting him or herself, completing a set of interactions to fulfill what amounts to a quest, and interacting with other Sims to make friends or enemies. What makes The Sims Social unique to the Sims series are the addition of traditional Facebook game elements like an energy gauge that depletes by action and replenishes over time, a farming element where the Sims can grow produce in their garden, or multiplayer where friends can visit each other’s Sims and see what their houses look like. Also, players earn virtual currency for certain interactions like improving a skill or interacting with another Sim.

Source: The Sims Style