German fansite (now featuring an English section) iSims shares with us region-exclusive content from GameStop for those picking up The Sims 3 Pets Limited Edition. We’re already familiar with the Pet Store, as well as some of the new breeds, but apparently Germany will be getting a lot more different breeds. We can only hope that other areas will get them too!

Kudos to Sims Slovenija for pointing out the English translation.

Pre Order The Sims 3: Pets for PC at GameStop and get a pet store:

  • The store has some new objects, which will be available in Build and Buy Mode.  These objects are for example a doghouse, a cat scratching post, a pet bed, pet store window,a pet store mat and a cash register.

 Pre- Order The Sims 3: Pets for Consoles at GameStop and get unique breeds:

  • Skunk Birman (see at image): This little skunk is guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention!
  • Tiger Retriever (see at image) and Tiger Chi: Perfect for cat lovers who hnevertheless own a cat.
  • Panda Chow (see illustration) and Panda-Pom: Due to the typical black eyes and soft fluffy fur, these panda-dogs are called totally sweet.
  • Ishimura Bobtail: The Ishimura Bobtail may look likes he would like to fight, but in real he just wants to cuddle.
  • Cyber-tooth tiger: This kitten could well pass as artificially … but below the funder everything is real.
  • Robo-Puppy and Cyber-point: Their cyber-look don’t make them more functional, but they are always user-friendly.
  • Mecha Neko: You want a robo-cat without much maintenance? The mecha-Neko has a mechanical look, but doesn’t need to be maintained
  • Ironterrier and Robo-mastiff: iron plates and rivets can damage your seats, and this is why there are made of 100% dog fur.
  • The Batcat: The Batcat,since a traumatic childhood experience in the fight against crime, she protects your house .
  • Mabari war dog and Mabari dwarf war dog: Whether they are fighting in a battle that threatens an entire civilization, or listen to bad gossip in the supermarket, you can rely on the loyalaty of this breed always.
  • Aztec Panthera: Even a shy kitten may look intimidating, if it has the right outfit.
  • Bonesmastiff and skeletoncat: “He’s just skin and bones” takes on a whole new meaning when your pet walks around like a walking X-ray.