GameSpot has an updated preview of the Pets Expansion. In it, they talk about Appaloosa Plains and places around town.

GameSpot Updates Their Pets Expansion PreviewWe were told that all of the new buildings were created from scratch, so you’ll have a school, grocery store, and other new venues to explore. Carefully groomed parks are available for your canine friends to explore, or you can choose to play as a dog and frolic in the fountain. If dogs aren’t your thing or you’re more partial to a feline companion, you can explore the elaborate jungle gym built for the curious kitties. As much as some of you may like to abuse your sims, you can’t do any harm to the animals, but they will eventually die of old age. Dogs have the unique ability of digging for treasure, whereas cats can go hunting for other small critters and bring them back home so you can set up terrariums for them. Turtles, lizards, and rats are just some of the creatures you can keep in a terrarium, but you can also have a pet bird that can mimic and play tricks on unsuspecting sims. As we saw in our demo, cats can also get into trouble when unattended. They’ll scratch at the furniture or start counter surfing, diving into your leftovers on the table.


Source: The Sims Hub