While no new careers will be added to the game, new pet-specific skill-sets will be. For example, Sims that ride their horses a lot will find gains in the horsemanship skill. With a high enough skill level, that sim can then take part in competitions in the town’s equestrian center to try to win prize money. While not an official job, players could simply consider this as being a freelance horse rider.

Source: Game Guys – thanks, SimsVIP!

Speaking of horses – and unrelated to Sims – while out taking care of our mules, we visited with a friend who bought a miniature horse. Man that thing is nasty. We were giving him treats along with the two donkeys that they own, and that little turd was a kickin and buckin, wanted to hog all of the food for themselves. Good god, talk about too much attitude for such a small horse…it was kind of funny though seeing it buck, lol.