While no new careers will be added to the game, new pet-specific skill-sets will be. For example, Sims that ride their horses a lot will find gains in the horsemanship skill. With a high enough skill level, that sim can then take part in competitions in the town’s equestrian center to try to win prize money. While not an official job, players could simply consider this as being a freelance horse rider.

Source: Game Guys – thanks, SimsVIP!

Speaking of horses – and unrelated to Sims – while out taking care of our mules, we visited with a friend who bought a miniature horse. Man that thing is nasty. We were giving him treats along with the two donkeys that they own, and that little turd was a kickin and buckin, wanted to hog all of the food for themselves. Good god, talk about too much attitude for such a small horse…it was kind of funny though seeing it buck, lol.

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I’m kind of disappointed that there won’t be any new professions, but maybe I should actually be glad that there won’t be any new careers. I don’t want them add too many more rabbit holes. I prefer to spend more time with my sims where I can see them, and interact with them. Also when you make multiple expansion pack hoods, you have to find somewhere to place all the rabbit holes. Not to mention the fact, that since you have no way of knowing how big they will be before an expansion pack is released, you have to have a lot of extra land, just for what could turn out to be a very small building.


I’m confused, when they announced Pets I specifically remember them saying you can have your pets bring home some cash with jobs for you pets. Now they get rid of the feature completely?


get ready for a twon over run with pets.like what happend with late night with the vampires:(

Sims MX

Thomas, that feature is for the console version of the game.


i don’t buy that there’s not gonna be any new jobs for Sims. i’ve seen the pets code that they leaked with the newest patch. there’s clearly a job involving the equestrian center. (even though that’s subject to change)


The competitions seem to be interactive. I’m SO glad. I’ve had enough of the rabbit holes.


Where are you all seeing no jobs for sims? He said no jobs for pets.

Does anyone else get the idea that they were not planning pets for PC yet? Seems like they only started it to please the pc side. If its still in pre-alpha, it will be its normal beta game by the time we pay for it.


Correction, I read the article. So this time around we are not getting any careers for sims? What the shit is up with that.

Can’t these asshole be a bit creative? How about a veteranary doctor, or anything! What they give us horses and that means they no longer need to think?