EA Blowing The Dust Off Of Old Franchises


According to ComputerandVideogames.com, EA is currently in the process of looking over many of their older and neglected franchises, thinking about bringing new life to some of them. Fingers crossed that SimCity is one of them. Oh what i would give for an HD SimCity that goes back to traditional gameplay of SimCity 3000. Fingers crossed!

Speaking to CVG in Cologne, the former EA Games boss stressed that the pubishing giant – which wowed showgoers with Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 and more today – needs more reasons than just updated tech to revive one of its many vault classics. “We do have a couple of old franchises that we’re looking at right now… reimagining them and bringing them back,” he said.

“We’ve got 25 years of good IPs and I’ve worked on a few of them in my career like Road Rash and the Strike series. So I have a strong affinity for a lot of the things we’ve done in the past.


Thanks to Rincón del Simmer for the tip.


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