New Darkspore patch!  So that’s why the servers were down earlier.  What all did it fix?  MaxisKyle tells us below:


  • Parts store should now properly display all items except weapons
  • Avatar level can now reach 100, unlocking the last hero & inventory upgrade
  • Hero move-to fix. Abilities should now properly execute after the hero moves into range of target
  • Fixed tutorials repeating in invasion and apocalypse (ie. getting catalysts)
  • Fixed Ability: Effective area from ‘Time Bubble’ ability being bigger than the VFX displayed during a PVP game.
  • Fixed not getting health and mana from health obelisks if the player was interrupted or swapped during the interaction.
  • Display the correct duration tuning on the tooltip for Dazing shot when wearing loot that swaps the Daze effect for Suppress.
  • Fixed piercing projectiles getting stuck on destructible objects.


  • Cloaked Slayer starts invisible in hordes
  • Laser Tank now auto-crits Cyber heroes
  • Hardened Mantle will no longer continue to stack after Soul Link wears off.


  • Ghostform now correctly ignores the dodge cap.
  • Ghostform’s loot modifier that grants move speed for projectiles that pass through so the effect does not get stuck on forever.


  • Plasma Wreath’s glow effect is no longer visible while stealthed.
  • Fix Plasma Wreath’s tooltip when you have loot that increases attack speed but limits its duration equipped.


  • Fix for entangling rush not dealing damage most of the time.


  • /dance, picking up loot, and interacting with obelisks no longer count as ability activations for his passive.


  • Fixed Savage pet’s immediately burrowing out when switching heroes


  • Fixed basic not dealing any damage (displaying as immune) after you swap