Here’s something for all you Darkspore fans… A new patch! Remember that you can get this update through the launcher.

• Added Taunt to all heroes (type /taunt)
• Fixed some Part store issues
• Reduced base health of all Grappling Pulsars at all modes.
• Reduced the burning dot duration and max stacks from suiciding Hyper Novas.
• Reduced duration and frequency of Undermind fire DOT, but increased damage to compensate. Overall Undermind damage in Apocalypse mode has been significantly reduced.
• Slightly reduced Fragbot Mech-X base health and energy resistance in Apoc.
• Grenadiers are slightly easier to attack from behind in Invasion and Apocalypse.
• Reduced the rate that Elites are introduced in consecutive Endless Mode missions.
• Mutation Agents no longer spawn as elites

Source: Sims Galore

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