Ok, let’s try this again as yesterday’s screen was not new, thus it was removed. Below is a batch of new screens (with one or two older screens) that were uploaded the EA Russia’s Sims Facebook page.  Special thanks to Sims Mixei along with SimCookie for the tip.

Les-Sims-Medieval-Nobles-et-pirates-9 Les-Sims-Medieval-Nobles-et-pirates-8 Les-Sims-Medieval-Nobles-et-pirates-7 Les-Sims-Medieval-Nobles-et-pirates-6 Les-Sims-Medieval-Nobles-et-pirates-4 Les-Sims-Medieval-Nobles-et-pirates-5 Les-Sims-Medieval-Nobles-et-pirates-3 Les-Sims-Medieval-Nobles-et-pirates-2 Les-Sims-Medieval-Nobles-et-pirates