It’s been unknown for awhile what happened to the official Sims 2 Site. For many weeks, it has been broken and presumed to have closed.  However, iSims tweeted about the link earlier this morning and it now has the following notice:

Hi All,

The maintenance we had planned for the site is taking a little longer than anticipated. We estimate that it will be down for more than a week longer and will update you when we know more. We apologize for the inconvenience,

The Sims Team

Hopefully it’ll be back. I know many fans still use and play TS2 – it’s still active in terms of usage, I wouldn’t mind if it stays up for a few more years until The Sims 4 comes around before it’s gone for good. (Well, actually I don’t want to see it gone at all, but in hand of EA, it won’t be around forever)

Pic courtesy of The Sims 3 Gamer