Now that Town Life is released, what’s next in The Sims 3 lineup?  The Pets expansion, of course!  But what about the next stuff pack?  Hard telling – but it may just be possible that we could be getting a Seasonal Holiday Stuff Pack, much like we had for The Sims 2.

Calmorezoo over at the official Sims 3 Forum had the following to say about this potential next stuff pack:

i just had a news letter email from game spot and clicked on the sims3 tab and found a list of all ep and stuff packs pressant and to come and after pets comes a stuff pack seasonal hoildays. why ea do you have to repeat every thing from the past sims? the only thing different as far as i can tell is that there will be a comunity lot where sims can purchess a tree to decorate.

Keep in mind that this is a rumor – if anyone happened to have the newsletter that was sent by Gamestop, I’d appreciate it if you could screencap it or forward it to my email so I can add it to this post!

Thanks to Jeff Carter for the tip!