Being the sometimes oddball site they are, the gang over at Kotaku has been intrigued by cats that barf within The Sims 3 Pets.  I don’t know about you, but I’d take virtual cat-puke over real cat-puke any day…ugh, I hate having to clean it up when a cat freshly throws up…it’s all warm, gooey and chunky… *barfs*

 Last week, at a showcase event for game publisher EA, I found a Sims 3 Pets producer and he had some answers for me.

The cat might vomit due to “random hairballs.”

OK. That’s reasonable, though I wasn’t able to get the Pets guy to tell me what the game’s hairball algorithm is (yet). Apparently cats that are prissy and groom themselves a lot will have a greater chance of getting a hairball. Concerned about their looks, they’ll risk feeling compelled to throw up more.

Another reason for a cat to throw up in the game: If they eat old, nasty food, they might lose it. That’s reasonable!

And another: “It can be disgusted by horses peeing in the pasture.”


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Thank you The Sims Hub for linking us to this 🙂