We all have speculated that there will be an expansion for The Sims Medieval.  Possibly one that includes more quests, horses – perhaps even dragons.  But introducing Pirates?  I would think they’d save that for another spinoff.  Apparently there has been 3 indications of a Pirates expansion on the way for The Sims Medieval series.

Play N Trade, All Game and VideoETA have listed The Sims Medieval:  Pirates & Nobles to their sites with a release date of August 30th and a price point of $30.  Like all rumors, don’t take this as an official word, but I must stress – when listings like these appear on multiple sites, well….look for EA to be announcing it soon 🙂

Special thanks to SimTimes for the news.


http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5021/5857642480_e83fc30a2d_z.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3246/5857090309_d70174048e_z.jpg


  1. Judhudson,

    Well, it does kind of make sense. Not everything happened on land back than either, and isn’t as much for players to building in the SIms Medieval anyway.

    • True, there was a lot of different things going on around the world back then. I’m just saying I’d perfer it to be under a different title and not ‘Medieval’. Like The Sims Pirates, Sims Set Sail, Sims A’hoy or something 🙂

      My fingers are still crossed there will someday either be a futuristic game or a western 🙂

  2. Judhudson,

    The Sims in the 26th century might be cool as a stand alone game. Who knows, if the sims is popular enough, EA may be milking it for next ten to fifteen years.

  3. this game is why I stopped at The Sims 3, it’s just gotten into the area I’d consider boring, sure, the commercials were humorous at best, but come on, is EA REALLY running that low on ideas for the franchise? i’m not bashing anyone, I just find this game to be not as entertaining as the first 3 installments (TS1/2/3)

  4. I definitely agree that TSM would be better with a sandbox option. I’m not holing out that an expansion would grant that, but I am still very interested to learn what this expansion will contain.

  5. Not to nitpick, but wasn’t the golden age of piracy some centuries beyond medieval times? Still, you had Francis Drake in that era I guess… plus I like piratey things, so it’s intriguing.

    Here’s hoping more talented Simmers will take the ball and run with it like they did for Medieval translating meshes of piratey nobley hairstyles to The Sims 3! 😀

  6. To the others who can’t understand the simple meaning of “Different Game”, It’s not like TS1-3 because it’s not the same as TS1-3. It’s a whole new game and a different concept. Simple as that.

  7. @Robb Medieval does have a sandbox option. It’s free play mode. Otherwise, pirates seem to be a a game trend – Armada of the Damned (which was canned), Captain Blood, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the Black Cove, Risen 2: Dark Waters, Raven’s Cry, now this.

  8. I would love it if there were a Medieval EP based on the Renaissance era, with a Florentine-style kingdom.

    In other words, like Assassin’s Creed II xD

  9. i have yet to play tsm but i want to sooooo bad. The idea just seems cool to me. And i am going to kill over b4 ts3 seasons get here. Off subject but am i the only one who thinks they should add farm animals to ts3. Also open for biz and collage needs to come back.

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