Replay & Notes from EA’s E3 Sims 3 Pets broadcast


Did you miss the live broadcast held by Ben Bell on The Sims 3 Pets?  You can now watch the replay.  Thanks to SimsVIP for this notification.

There’s more: iPlaySims has compiled all of the facts that Ben discussed – you can check them all out on their site, but here’s a few sample bits:

General Notes:

  • Pets can have jobs to bring home the bacon.
  • Only limited edition will have the special pets store with the exclusive content.
  • Breeds: Over 100 breeds of dogs and cats. Can have a poodle with curly hair. Can put dalmation spots on a poodle.
  • You can control the pets and they can have their own wishes.
  • Can assign traits to pets and they learn new skills. Your pets are Sims too and can help your Sims.
  • Pets can also have jobs. No specific types of job were said.
  • Pets can meet, fall in love, and breed. Pets can woohoo, try for puppies and kittens, and have a pet family tree.
  • Pets do have genetics so they are inhereted.
  • Pets will age. Puppies will grow up into adult dogs, no old dog age.
  • When you create a sims pet, cat, or horse, there will be a small dog, cat, or horse that you can make smaller animals with and they can breed smaller animals.
  • New neighborhood in PC expansion pack and a new town in the console version and 3DS game. Different on all platforms.


  1. I fear that the horses arent going to be much considering that they didnt seem to have much to say about them unless thier still working on them or just keeping them a surprise.

  2. You would think after all this time they would have included llamas! *end whine*

    In all seriousness, this is encouraging but I’m reserving my true opinion until I see more of the game. So much potential to either succeed or fail massively.


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