Did you miss the live broadcast held by Ben Bell on The Sims 3 Pets?  You can now watch the replay.  Thanks to SimsVIP for this notification.

There’s more: iPlaySims has compiled all of the facts that Ben discussed – you can check them all out on their site, but here’s a few sample bits:

General Notes:

  • Pets can have jobs to bring home the bacon.
  • Only limited edition will have the special pets store with the exclusive content.
  • Breeds: Over 100 breeds of dogs and cats. Can have a poodle with curly hair. Can put dalmation spots on a poodle.
  • You can control the pets and they can have their own wishes.
  • Can assign traits to pets and they learn new skills. Your pets are Sims too and can help your Sims.
  • Pets can also have jobs. No specific types of job were said.
  • Pets can meet, fall in love, and breed. Pets can woohoo, try for puppies and kittens, and have a pet family tree.
  • Pets do have genetics so they are inhereted.
  • Pets will age. Puppies will grow up into adult dogs, no old dog age.
  • When you create a sims pet, cat, or horse, there will be a small dog, cat, or horse that you can make smaller animals with and they can breed smaller animals.
  • New neighborhood in PC expansion pack and a new town in the console version and 3DS game. Different on all platforms.