Man, these patches turn out to be a complicated mess.  I’m a bit confused on this 1.22 patch and would like some answers.  Is this patch strictly for the base game, or does it combine all of the expansions/stuff pack patches.  Normally, the expansion and stuff packs have their own individual updates… but the only one released was the 1.22 patch, and according to the notes on the website, it appears it is supposed to update all expansions.  Definitely would like clarification on this so I can get the patch(es) uploaded to the site.  I know it’s not the cumulative 644MB patch – I believe thats the combination of all patches released since the base game.

Enough rambling, time to get to the point of this post.  It appears many users are having issues with the latest patch (go figure).  I’m not 100% sure what the error is – something that they install the newest patch, and that the game launcher says there is an update, but there are no more updates.  Anyhow, EA is aware of the issue and recommends users to download the full 644MB standalone base game update.

We are aware of the issues with the update to The Sims 3 launcher, and we’re working towards a permanent fix as quickly as possible.

In the interim: you can download the standalone base game update and this may resolve the issue for some players.

Custom content and unsupported mods may also be preventing the game from patching. Uninstall and delete all third-party mods and unsupported content. After deleting all third-party content, you must manually uninstall The Sims 3 to completely get rid of the extra content.

Note: Installing third-party software changes actual files in The Sims 3. Deleting the unsupported content will not erase the modifications to the game that the software installed.

Lastly, feel free to click the ‘Notify Me’ button below to subscribe to the latest updates and developments. Thank you for your continued patience.