Things really ramp up for teen Sims. They can throw parties and attend special social events, and pubescent Sims also have raging hormones to contend with. They’ll undergo wild mood swings at random – usually to comic effect. When this happens, they’re prone to acts of rebellion, which is where Generations’ new prank feature shines. Rebellious Sims can rig faucets to explode, plant whoopee cushions, and stick hair dye in the shower, and pranks get crazier when pulled on neighbors. It’s easily my favorite fresh element in the game, as it injects some extra randomness and added comic relief into the daily grind.

At one point my angst-ridden teen followed me to the abode of a potential love interest to cause trouble. He hurled eggs at her porch and flung them at my prospective date when she came outside to yell at him. This continued until the cops came to haul him to jail for the night. Good times.

review here (7/10 rating)