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Things really ramp up for teen Sims. They can throw parties and attend special social events, and pubescent Sims also have raging hormones to contend with. They’ll undergo wild mood swings at random – usually to comic effect. When this happens, they’re prone to acts of rebellion, which is where Generations’ new prank feature shines. Rebellious Sims can rig faucets to explode, plant whoopee cushions, and stick hair dye in the shower, and pranks get crazier when pulled on neighbors. It’s easily my favorite fresh element in the game, as it injects some extra randomness and added comic relief into the daily grind.

At one point my angst-ridden teen followed me to the abode of a potential love interest to cause trouble. He hurled eggs at her porch and flung them at my prospective date when she came outside to yell at him. This continued until the cops came to haul him to jail for the night. Good times.

review here (7/10 rating)


  1. Shocking, this is the best EP and they rate it the worst. This is sims, not the boring rubbish you got with WA. SO, IGN. Shut your fat fat yappety trap or BUY A BRAIN. or BOTH.

  2. IGN needs to get their heads on straight! This is the best EP so far, and they’re really not seeing the big picture! Yes, it’s true the additions aren’t glaringly obvious, but that I think makes it so much fun. More to discover and do 🙂 Calling it a “light” EP is silly when you really take a look at what they added. Generations is not for everyone, true, but the reviewer should have been more objective. Sounds like he preferred the flashy WA, which was painfully dull to me and I exhausted it quickly.

  3. Best EP so far? O-o

    It’s a glorified stuff pack, basically. It’s not a bad EP, but I’d say 7/10 is the rating for it, and it’s not worth $40. $20, sure. The supernatural creature is creepy and disappointing. And it needs a bunch of mods to fix things EA screwed up on (like why can’t I have a sim discipline a kid, why does it only happen autonomously?)

  4. Yes, I think it’s the best EP so far. And I disagree with the “glorified stuff pack” remark. But it’s in my opinion, because the sims, for me, is all about raising families and huge legacies. Having Generations is perfect. Not only are there plenty of new objects and adorable new clothes (though I agree they skimped on the hair) but you have strollers, Imaginary friends (which I, personally, am enjoying the most out of any supernatural in ANY sims game, sims 2 included so far) and so much more.

    I agree, though, a lot of the changes are subtle and for those who are looking for something hardcore to sink their teeth into may want to pass this one. Just a thought 🙂

  5. Oh, and I’m having no trouble with bugs or anything at all :/ I even, knock on wood, thinks it may have actually fixed error code 12, which has seriously plagued me for months, because I haven’t gotten in since 😀 that makes it worth the forty dollars along with everything else 🙂

  6. Really, IGN? 7 out of 10?! You know what, I’m afraid that Gamespot will give a lower score than 7 just like they did on The Sims Medieval (6 out of 10).

    I riot because of reviewers. I mean I’d really like to grab one so bad.

  7. I think only the die-hard Sims fans are going to get anything out of this EP. From what I’ve read on MATY and elsewhere, there’s a lot of issues, and the game is light on content, no matter how you look at it. There’s no new ‘hood, but there isn’t a great deal of content to make up for it either. I would actually be interested to see how much space this EP occupies on the DVD compared to previous releases, because I’ll bet it’s substantially less.

    Plus, to add insult to injury, I walked into my local Game today to see this EP priced at £35! That’s the price for a full-price PC game, not a rag-tag collection of objects and interactions that should’ve been in the game from the start.

    On the issues themselves, I can take a pick from stollers than can’t be used on anything other than a flat surface (forget slight inclines or hills), route failures, virtually no new interactions for adults/elders, a dating system that leaves one half stranded if they don’t have their own transport and several others that I’ve read about that don’t need repeating here.

    It’s an empty EP that’s not worth the £35 asking price. I might consider it when it drops to a tenner, but in all honesty, with all the bugs in the game that EA still refuse to acknowledge responsibility for, I’m pretty much done with the Sims as a franchise.


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