Sims 3: Pets offers full customization of pets. You can create the type of pet you own or the one you’ve always wanted. Customize the pet’s coat, shape, pattern, color, etc. You can change the ears, tail, snout, eyes, and much more. Pets allows you to go even further than customizing your pet’s look. You can also choose their behavior pattern and traits, similar to how you choose a sim’s traits. You are given the freedom to design the pet you want. To simplify customization, Pets will use Kinect voice functionality. No more tedious scrolling through every possible choice. Now you can say exactly what breed you want and the game will select it. Those who want to experience the full creativeness of EA can check out the limited edition pack, filled with many different types of pets, such as “Tiger Dog”, a dog with a tiger-striped coat on it.

preview here (thanks to Sims Nieuws)