GameSpot – E3 2011:The Sims 3 Pets Demo Preview (X360)


Tiger dog’s owner, Tiger Boy the furry was down on his luck with meeting women. But everyone knows man’s best friend is an aged old date magnet. Tiger boy interacted with his pet and asked her to find him a date. From there, the dog search around the nearby pub to locate a suitable girl. After being petted and tickled, tiger dog led the lady to her trampy master. From there the two humans were able to strike up a conversation and enter the start of a friendship. However the world of the Sims isn’t always so kind and natural disasters do occur. A meteor then crashed from the sky, obliterated the pub and killed Tiger Boy, his soul mate, and the helpful dog.

Sad, but hilarious at the same time!  That’s the cruel life of a Sim.  It does show that even Pets can be killed by natural disasters.  I hope we’re able to have Ghost pets.  That would be pretty sweet.

GameSpot’s hands on with The Sims 3 Pets for Xbox 360 (thanks to Sims Nieuws)

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