GamePro reviews The Sims 3 Generations


Child and Teen Sims get the biggest overhauls with the expansion installed, with children having the opportunity to embark on a quest to acquire an imaginary friend and make them real through a long and convoluted process involving relationship-building and chemistry. Teen Sims, conversely, have to contend with the more mundane realities of learning to drive, school prom and wild, hedonistic parties while their parents are away. Both children and teens can also set up booby traps and pranks around town, too, which are enormously satisfying if you can pull them off without running afoul of the new punishment system. Children and teens are both significantly more interesting and fun to play than they were previously, which is good — previously, Sims’ lives didn’t really get interesting until they reached Young Adult level.

review here – 3/5 stars (via InfiniteSims)


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