Why is it that i didn’t notice this before? SimsVIP has discovered that on the back of the baby/toddler gnome there is a paw print. This is similar to the paw print found on the dog brush in the pic in the previous post. First “dog” poo in a bag and now this. If there’s any kind of snow flake anywhere and on anything in Pets, we’ll know what the sixth Expansion will be.

phpHGfM6qThen there’s this. SimsVIP also found this picture in buydebug. It’s given to kids/teens when they go on a field trip to the graveyard.

phpPk14P1Notice the ghost to the left of the Mausoleum? Is it from the green lighting? If it was the death by old age ghost would also be green.


A Simmer on the official forums martys15 has tested green lights with a water ghost, check the pic below for the results.

phpNPgd9YAs you can see, the blue ghost remains blue. The stomach of the green ghost in the middle pic is black, different from the water ghost. I love Easter eggs.