So there’s this guy Adam Murguia, he’s a graphic designer and has been the art director for The Sims 3 since April 2010. Recently his resume has surfaced and the newest entry is for an untitled Sims project currently named “The Sims Unannounced”. What’s interesting about this is that he’s been working on this project since April 2010, this is the same time that another EA Sims Team employee tweeted that The Sims 4 is currently in development. This could be for The Sims 4 or another spin-off, as his name does not appear in the credits of Medieval.

Find his resume Here

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I hope by “make the Sims franchise cool again” they have also made changes (as in, they’ve decided not to include it) to the Store. Just saying.


i think its gonna be somthing like the sims med, maybe in space or sumit,

also u need a login with fb button, typing my name and email = effort xD




I’m confused. Why does this make it their biggest project so far?


theres no point in the sims just like theres no point in life.


It’s like Seinfeld.


If they do make a sims 4, I hope its everything the Sims 3 is only better. The average computer will be so much more powerful by the time its ready to be released. I’m hoping for large maps with things like multiple household apartment buildings, and completely interactive customizable work places instead of rabbit holes.


I’m intrigued.


The Sims Online? 😉 (yn) I hope it is *—–*


yeahh, i won’t be buying any sims 4 games. I think sims 3 will be it for me.


If they make sims 4, i would like to see the sims, the sims 2 and the sims 3 was merge and become the best the sims game ever


So if you read this right. He worked with them since April 2010 and made the Sims cool again. Now that would be any expansions since then and the unannounced would mean that those expansions hadn’t been announced yet.

So this muppet was part of, no headed one of the teams that screwed up Sims 3.

Sims 4, I’m not buying it, I threw enough money away on this Sims 3 garbage.

I would spend double the money on a Sims 2 remake though with the functions of Sims 3.

Merge them for Sims 4 and I’ll consider parting with my cash.


EA Sims 1 Website Was Replaced By Sims 3 Which I Was WTF! Im Just Gonna Kill EA For Screwing The Game Companys


Poo poo poo poo, poo poo poop? Poo poo poo poop poo poo poo poo! Fo Sho


I sims 4 would be great but i think like other they should include more of waht 1 & 2 had or was about with 3. I also think they should come up with more different expansions as well as some of the better classic expansions


Maybe it’s just the “sims social” on FB


i hope they make it like sims two where you can make the players move by the controllers stick not by using that big green line like on sims3


I really hope they put actual effort in the sims 4. Give it a good engine, actually make the graphics look good, and make the gameplay more fun. They seem to have just put the sims 3 out just to say they put out a game they rushed. It’ll take a lot to make the sims cool again and if all of the above is for the sims 4, they seem to be on the ball for this one. 🙂 hopefully EA will get it through their thick skulls that if they put actual effort into games instead of rushing crappy, bugged versions, they’d probably get more money.


Yeah, The Sims 3 is awesome, I might like The Sims 4 except with these bloody hyped-up graphics card requirements and the stupid cards are expensive and wouldn’t work in my PC anyway (only able to play TS3 on my fiance’s computer, since his is up to date) … I mean, tech industry your hardware’s just freakin overpriced!!! D: pc game companies, there’s a subset of people who’d LOVE to buy your games if we could play them but we aren’t going to buy them because the hardware’s bloody expensive… So, yeah…


Wait, no – that didn’t come out quite right. I’m not saying anything about not liking graphics innovation. It’s great! But the enormous price is the problem.