A website called Fix The Sims campaigned and kept up to date with fixing The Sims 3 for XBOX 360 and PS3, which had a bug where after so long of playing a save game, it would refuse to save and would crash your console by freezing it. The patch has apparently gone live, after 5-6 months…

At least EA worked on it, I got Dead Space 2 for helping them with it (i sent in my save game file) so do download the patch and let us know if your games now save! 🙂



  1. I have the XBOX 360 console version of the Sims 3. I have been very disappointed with freezing issue, sims getting ‘stuck’ and becoming irrecoverable during gameplay, and also with other missing essential Sim game elements such as, no option to manage dead, dead sims disappear completely from family tree so can’t create family legacies, can’t play multiple families in neighborhood, can’t edit neighborhood or evict families, limited houses available to buy, no empty lots for sell, if I move one sim out of a house then remaining sims are just deleted (are my sims supposed live with parents til parents die, or have parents deleted?), no inheritance, my sim’s personal inventory is as accessible to rest of household as family inventory, sims never seem put books back but always put in inventory, and cars are deleted not passed on when owner dies. Just to name a few from top of my head that make me very frustrated.

    What’s the purpose of a sims game that doesn’t allow me to create sim history full of family trees and dead sim memorials? I thought I could customize anything, but I only have 5 or 6 lots to move my sims to. The console version is nothing but a series of disappointments.

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