This past April, SimsVIP sent a couple of questions to SimGuruShannon regarding The Sims 3 Generations.  Considering that Shannon is extremely busy, they’ve just got back their answers and have posted them to their site.  Here’s a few Q&A’s below, be sure to visit them for the rest!

What project(s) in the Sims 3 do you work on?
I am in charge of the Stuff Packs and the Expansion Packs. I think at one point I was working on 6 of them at once. Of course they were all  at different stages of development of course.

We are heading into our 4th EP named Generations.  What was(is) your role in creating this Expansion?
I worked with the Design team to come up with the theme. I then worked with our Marketing partners to make sure that this was the right pack. We conducted surveys to see if our fans were interested in Generations. Once we found out that this is the pack that your guys were the most interested in, we started to brainstorm and flush out the design. We then play the game and tweak it to make it a fun game.

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