No Prima Guide for The Sims 3 Generations?


If you’ve been wondering about the lack of news on a guide for Generations, it may be because there won’t be one.  According to a forum post over at Prima Guides, one of their team members chimed in with the following statement to a question asking about a guide to the 4th expansion pack:

We are currently not planning a Sims 3 Generations guide on its own.

What exactly could this mean?  Are they skipping out on a guide due to the lack of content?  This would be the first case for a Sims game… Or perhaps they plan to reissue The Sims 3 Guide and fill that with the new info on Generations.  No idea.  I hope they do consider going forth and writing one – and not just an eGuide either.

Thanks to SimsVIP for the tip!


  1. To me it really doesn’t make a difference. With the Sims3, the guides I bought were terrible, had trouble finding stuff and sometimes would be inaccurate. I wouldn’t buy anymore of them anyway.

  2. The Sims 3 Pets had been leaked a little while ago, no one knew if it was true even gamespot(or another just as big) published the feature story, and the retraction. TS3 Pets is coming in the Fall 2011, so I’m guessing they’re going to bring out Generations and Pets in the same guide.

  3. I agree they need a guide and I was a bit miffed there wasn’t even a booklet included inside the game. They are giving less and less but expecting us to just pay the money.

    I love the prima guide they did for ambitions small and compact it was the best one for me at least yet

  4. I was really unhappy that they didn’t have a guide for the Generations. They should at least have a booklet inside the game to show you some of the new features how they work if they weren’t going to issue the prima guide.

  5. The game cost 30 euro I feel that the Sims 3 games are giving us less. They didn’t even include the booklet inside the game just a sheet of paper with the code. Hope the next expansion game will give us more things to cover the loss of the Generations.


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