The following is an announcement from The Sims 3 Team:

Join Ryan Vaughan and Graham Nardone, producers from The Sims 3, for a special EA Live Broadcast as they walk you through the latest expansion pack and answer your questions about The Sims™ 3 Generations! Come see how a wealth of new options and activities make your Sims’ lives more meaningful. Play with more fun. Play with more drama. Play with more mischief at every age!

Save-the-date: Friday – May 20, 2011 @ 1:30pm – 2:30pm (Pacific Standard Time). Log onto <> to be a part of this great event!

Feel free to post the questions you would like to ask the producers on this event wall! We will also be hosting random giveaways for those that attend the event!

**Date/time may change, but we will inform you when/if it does.**

RSVP to Facebook Event for a reminder

Producer Ryan Vaughan also tweeted that during or sometime shortly after there will be a special Sims 3 promotion going on at the EA Store. Figures crossed, I’m hoping that it would be Generations at half-off (both physical and digital I hope!) 😛