GAME – Sims Medieval Collectors Edition on sale for $21


This is an amazing deal.  For those that want the Collector’s Edition of The Sims Medieval, GAME has it marked down to £14.99 which roughly comes to $21.  Remember, they will ship to the US as well as other places!  I’m kind of upset though – seeing as I paid $65 for mine.  Should have waited, but that is how it is when it comes to games/movies!

Thanks to SimsVIP for the tip!


  1. I went to buy this yesterday while the offer was on. It was only when I clicked ‘Buy Now’ that the item went from ‘In-Stock’ to ‘Out-of-Stock’. I can’t believe I missed it within what must have been seconds. I’ve settled for the limited edition instead with some reward points knocking it down to £10.

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