Fun facts about Treehouses, videocameras and wedding gifts from Generations


Just sharing with you a few fun facts on a few new features from Generations involving wedding gifts, the videocamera and treehouses.  Below is a bit of information about woohoo-ing in treehouses.  Special thanks to Sims 3 Cri for the info!

We alredy talked about tree houses, and we told that adults can WooHoo in Tree Houses. Of course they can try for baby too, and the fun facts is the effect on the newborn. The tree house type will set a related personality trait on the newborn!

  • Club house: loves the outdoors or adventurous
  • Sci-Fi: genius or eccentric
  • Castle: snob

When 2 Sim WooHoo on tree house they often get the negative moodlet: Spinter. You have the 50% chance of get or not this mood. You should know that some traits have multipliers of this chance: if your Sim is Unlucky or Clumsy you will get Splinter more often! On the contrary, if your Sim is Lucky you can decrease the probability to get splinter!


  1. To me these are the real facts 🙂 I’m sure Carl will also post a long list of these when he reviews Generations and we’ll be seeing more of these now that it’s out on the open!


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