Wow Edenstyle has gone all out this time. Edenstyle is now on part ten of their Generations preview. This time, it’s all about Build and Buy modes.


The Sims 3 Generations has many new items in buy and build mode. There’s also a new filter that lets you see the items of a certain expansion pack only. Very useful!

There are new sofas, tables, bookshelves, lights, a mixer, a beverage machine, a sleeping bag and so on, but the categories with more news are the ones dedicated to kids, electronics and entertainment.
There are also 2 expensive sport cars (they cost around 50.000 Simoleons).

If you find something nice for someone, just put it in your inventory and give it to him as a gift! The Sims 3 Generations offers many new things in the catalog you can choose from!

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