I’ve played the Darkspore beta, and while I had good intentions, I just didn’t get hooked like most people are when they play – it’s not that its a bad game or anything – I just don’t have a lot of time to dedicate myself to gaming as I just have too much on my plate at the moment.  However, I’ll revisit this game when I have free time as I had very fun during the beta period!

If you are already playing, then perhaps the following article from ZAM will help you out with sharing PvE and PvP tips!

Remember to check your objectives tab on the bottom center-right of your screen. Getting gold medals in objectives increases your chances of getting rare loot after the level is complete, so you should always be going for gold!

Sometimes objectives are time-based, but they often end up being the last “hidden” objective, so you don’t know that you’re being timed until the middle of the level. If you’re going for gold medals, your approach to the level should be based off of fulfilling your objectives quickly without distractions.

Don’t be afraid to run away! If you’re low on health against a boss or some enemies, remember that you’re not obligated to stay in their face, taking all the hits. It’s possible to “kite” a boss with some ranged heroes by walking in circles and occasionally turning around to take a pot shot.

Use your squad switches to create powerful combos. At the early levels, I loved walking into crowds with Revenant, using his area-of-effect fear, switching to SRS-42 and then doing a missile barrage on that spot. There are hundreds of other great combinations you can use in PvE, and they should become an integral part of your strategy.

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