Urbania Sims as well as many other French fansites interviewed EA producer Graham Nardone during their Sims 3 Generations event.  For some reason, Facebook does not play nice with any of the translators, so I cannot link directly to the translated page – just the original one in French.  Regardless, I pulled the translated text for you to read below.

You expect this report last Friday night, and we finally have the right to show you … During the day, we could test the game, but also interview Debbie and Graham, two of the Producers of the game is this interview that you will find below. I’ll post in the evening another article more focused on the screens made the game, with lots and lots of news;)

For this interview, you will surely find the same issues (and hence the same answer) by reading the reports the Daily Sims, Angel of SIMsoucis, Greg of Simcookie,  Ichigo Fraize Sims of Minitroll and Boucke of Universims since we were all present for this session of questions.

Regarding the screenshots (since we have done !!!!) and screenshots, you will find the same (or almost) in the minutes of Angel SIMsoucis since we share the same computer .. . And I shamefully used the fact that Greg and Ichigo Simcookie FraizaAuxSims have to put their files on my key for picking up some screens, with their permission of course;)

Chloé Dubini thank you to our French Community Manager, for allowing qu’Urbania be present at this event, Graham and Debbie for having responded cheerfully, despite the many digressions that we wanted to make them …

The first question has always been a question that upset …

Seasons will they return?

The conventional answer was … He worked on Generation and does not know what to work on other members of the Studio .. He added that the studio was looking to satisfy all the players before, so he was sure that this request would be taken into account players …

We can therefore only hope that one day reach this addon, but when the output of VIP, we were asked what we needed most, besides the seasons, and we asked the spiral staircases, this is something that in this addon … So fingers crossed for next year, since the next two addons are known …

Graham then avoided any response on the subject (despite the three or four other questions in the same genre, the effects on snow, ice and mud Create A World or on the trailer animals …), recalling that was there for us this generation and not another expansion pack. So we’ve moved on to other things …

Go, a small photo of the start screen before you start really the story of the interview? Here we go … Do not play like me “Balancing Seasons” should read “Balancing Seesaw,” which is not the same thing: lol: (I admit to having had a blow to the heart in deceiving me;))

Will there be a new neighborhood?

No, there will be no new district, because the Producers wanted with this addon to focus on the families of players, make sure they play with their families, they explore their desires, and not create a new game. There you can change the neighborhood with which we play, focus on the family way and give them new interactions.

Will there any additional public places?

There will be no places to go out, but many new uses of existing sites … You can organize such parties (the famous burial life Girl or Boy) on community places. There are 10 new golf community, including the famous park to discover new interactions with children and teens (sandbox, tree houses, carnival rides, games with spring (arrived in The Sims 2 Apartment Life) ).

There are also newer homes, but Greg Simcookie etIchigo Fraize Sims will show better than us because they have a good look at all this … A new house is the Doll’s House The Sims (children’s toy) that the Producers had fun again in general for this addon …

What will the new themes of objects for this addon? Much for children but for teenagers?

There are a lot of new things and I have not tested much by lack of time. Again, our neighbors computer, and Greg Simcookie Ichigo Fraize Sims, have applied to do so … I still have a very good news for you, there is now a small tool that allows you to filter out objects not only personalized but also according to the addon or the kit or from the Store! What makes life easier.

Some new important anyway … A sleeping bag to invite friends from your Sims to sleep at home (or stars), and a shower (eerily reminiscent of the Kit Inspiration Loft) in which your Sims can make boom-boom …

You’ll find bunk bed and a mezzanine where you can stay in office, which is a significant advance in realism …

Will there be new interactions with the babies? We can t change them, wash them as in the Sims 2?

With babies, according to Graham, there will be no new interactions. By cons, with toddlers and children, will be the case.

Will there be new interactions with and between children?

Already, toddlers can be walked in a stroller, instead of being in the arms of their parents … The reality is catching up;) Two models of strollers are available.

Then, toddlers will be put on a spring game, and children can also use it (I have not had time to test whether adolescents could do well)

Other interactions, parents and teens will read stories to younger before they fall asleep, or tell stories that are scary …

Will they reward or punish them?

Indeed, parents may punish their Sims a child or adolescent if he gets into mischief. The teenagers will be deprived of output, may be reprimanded if they make jokes (even if they are successful) or if they have bad grades … It may even prohibit them from doing things …

For cons, I have not seen any congratulations or positive interactions (even when we had little time to play and test all interactions, and yet happy, you will discover things ^ ^)

How come the imaginary friend? Does it exist only for children? His appearance will does the same for children or adults?

No, the imaginary friend will exist for children. It will follow the Sims which it is “connected” throughout his life, will grow at the same time as him, followed him until his death and disappear at the same time as the Sims.

The imaginary friend is coming “normally” in a package by the mailbox. We failed to understand if all the sims from the same household could have one or if it was limited to an imaginary friend for a family … It is originally an ordinary doll, but more the child will play with Sims him deal with it, the more this imaginary friend will grow in importance, finally come alive and turn into a doll half robot, half puppet, half doll, which works in a bizarre …

How do I know if the friend is a girl or a boy?

It appears that it will be decided when the Sims will appoint her doll, but it is not clear at all … Depending on the sound? From the name itself? It will clarify this point. In any case, the appearance of the imaginary friend will be different depending on whether it is boy or girl (in the family that we all have tested, it was a girl, but during its conversion,  Greg, Ichigo had a lady with purple hair while Boucke was a young girl with green hair. But his place is unique (in the ground at least)). And when our Simsette grew, it became a bit wrapped up, and his imaginary friend also got a little bigger as they grow up to turn … Cause and effect? Link between the Sims and his imaginary friend? Will our Simsette that his imaginary friend like him a bit? We have things to discover …

What are the possible interactions between the Sims and their imaginary friends? Will they play ball for example? That will see other Sims in this case?

The imaginary friend can do a lot of interaction with the Sims which it is attached … By cons, we tested only in adolescence, the Sims can not start a relationship with his imaginary friend. Games, songs will cuddle with possible cons. The peculiarity of the imaginary friend is best to be totally invisible to other sims … When children play with his imaginary friend, the other Sims will play himself, and can then make fun of him. Which may trigger the anger of young Sims (in the proof of Graham, the girl went to destroy the favorite toy of his sister who had mocked his imaginary friend).

Our imaginary friend went to clean a puddle in the bathroom … And the same thing … If we control the Sims that the imaginary friend, you see the little guy, and if we go on another family member, the brush is all alone!

How can we transform the imaginary friend in “real Sims”?

A beautiful potion, your Sims can prepare with the established potion used to make the real imaginary friend. It will be the age of sims which he is the friend, but a different personality. He can do the same things that a real Sims, have a “normal” life (for a Sims), go to school, etc. … By cons, it will retain the ability to re-process at any time toy.

Strollers are they functional or are they just decorative?

Yes, strollers are now functional objects that fall in the sims inventory. Arrange for your Sims to be as silly as before … The mother took the stroller to go in the garden at home (6 tiles maximum distance …)

The role of grandparents will be t he different? for example instead of calling a nanny, you can t ask grandpa or mammy to come will keep the kids or does it send children in their grandparents at weekends?

The role of grandparents will be no different from before, but they can be babysitters … By cons, old people will not like too young and may threaten them with their sticks (which is a new object, but we have not seen in CAS). I think Boucke saw a real altercation …

Teens will really going on? (I mean, we see them and they will be directed)?

No, we will not see them and they are not really being like Sims 2 Academy, since children may be enrolled … These include “residential schools” where youth will be enrolled Sims. There are 5 and of course, like any private school enrollment is paying! A reading lessons, it seems that the boarding was a way to unlock new skills and obtain specific traits … Still hidden skills that will be very interesting to unlock … And like the Sims leave home to study, this is a Sims under control (see my families, I think I’ll indulge me XD).

Is that all teens will graduate? Or only those who got good grades? What are the conditions for graduation?

A reading lesson, I think that only those who go to boarding school will have a graduation diploma, but according to Graham and Debbie, the most serious consideration Sims, the faster they get their diploma. By cons, a child can not get the diploma (no little gifted in sims: lol:). The private school is more a field of experiences, memories that Sims will evoke pleasure and pride in their passage through this or that school …

In addition, all new adult will base his diploma in his inventory.

New business? Which ones and why those?

One new job, and again it must be said quickly, as it has only 5 levels … But you will have new uniforms, which is something …

New traits? What were you thinking as interaction “key” with these new features?

Yes, two new features … One to look after children more effectively: it is true that the occupation is inconsistent with the trait Dislikes children. This one should be more future babysitters.

When the second line, it is totally normal! For any self-respecting teenager, rebellion is a must and this trait will strongly encourage them … I think the younger Lilith Sympa would have this feature if it had been a Sims 3 …

New SLT? Who?

No new SLT, but a plethora of new rewards suction … (I would put the screens in the next report) …

How these developments will affect the life of our Sims? Stars on the lives of those who have VIP? A Sims has had a dissipated youth will there be more difficult to be “elected” mayor of the town for example?

This will be especially during events like bachelor party boy or girl! If you become extramarital affair during these evenings, it will impact your relationships, but not on your work … The celebrity should be quite difficult to manage at that time … Especially with the camera that our Sims will be, the evidence is easy to find …

New creature?

Besides the imaginary friend, one of the new awards will allow you desire to have a clone of one of your Sims … Those who tested failed to meet this clone, but I have no doubt that this mystery will be solved very quickly when we have the game in hand)

It’s the end of this first part, I appreciate your reading and look forward to seeing you soon to show you the rest .. Thank you again to Graham, Debbie and Chloe for this wonderful day (and all friends and girlfriends for this great day, again too short !!!). I will make an assessment of the impression I leave this presentation in the next block I’ll post;)