The Sims Resource has released their preview of The Sims 3: Generations and several screenshots. You can find the screenshots below.

“Unconventional”. That’s how I summed up Generations when people asked me what I thought of it. That’s not a bad thing, but Generations doesn’t quite follow the usual principle of Sims Expansions. There are no new neighborhoods, no new locations to visit, no pets, no snow. I’ve previewed got ‘hands on’ with most of the EP’s from the games and this was quite different from all others. Generations is more about “bringing it back to being about the Sims” as Grahame put it when I asked what the initial objectives were for EP4 in the early development plans. The reason you don’t need all the new locations, ‘hoods and places to visit with Generations is because this pack injects tons of new content into your existing Sims lives and worlds. It’s a huge enhancement to the base game really, which I have seen criticised around the community already, with people suggesting that all these things should have been in the base game from the start. Well, we have to consider that The Sims 3 can be improved upon in almost countless ways, so if the Dev’s tried to incorporate all of the Generations features (and all the others EP content that people say should have been included) the game would never actually ship. It’s like a work in progress, it will never be “complete”, and so EP’s are the way that the developers build on this ‘work of art’. Just had to get that off my chest before I delve into the goodies 😉

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