The Sims 3 Store established a new page listing all of the different ways you have to purchase Simpoints.  New to the US is the option to purchase by mobile devices, as I do believe the UK had that option for some time.  They also brought back the option of using Paypal – according to SimsVIP, Paypal has been missing in action for awhile.  With Paypal being brought back, chances are it’ll encourage more people to use the Store for those that do not have a credit card or cannot get access to a EA Game Card.  I only wish they could at least cut down the prices of items half-off.  It’d be a win-win for everyone – users would be more willing to pay, it’d increase the amount of people purchasing, and they’d make more dough.  Someday, I suppose.  Still sitting on my 2000 Simpoints awaiting for that day where I can pick up a few items for cheap.


    • The only thing I hate about Paypal is that they can freeze your account at any moment and deem you a risk for whatever reason. Not fond of that. That and they are pretty much a monopoly.

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